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Dear starbucks,
I am a casual customer of Starbucks, just like any other people. I just want to report a serious matter that happened recently in one of starbucks located in Germany. This is not an incidence happened to me, but a someone reporting via the forum I frequently use. Even though attaching any jpg files along with this message is impossible, I will be glad to send you the pictures if further investigation is necessary. 

So this is what happened. A Korean customer visiting Germany ordered a drink at starbucks. Instead of writing the customer's name on the beverage container, the brewer drew a overwhelmingly large stick man with two long lines that suppose to represent Asian eyes.  According to the customer - something that will be very hard to prove-  the brewer actually  did a action that reminds the movement of a monkey while drawing the picture. 

I found it quite offensive to all asians, and was assured that Starbucks will be highly motivated to investigate this matter further. I saved the pictures of the beverage container as well as the location of the starbucks in Germany.

Once again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in this case.

Your truly,

안되는 영어로 그냥 찌질대면서 일름보했다. 답장오면 나중에 올린다.