Cost of living in Medford compared to other areas in Oregon

Compared to many other cities in Oregon, the cost of living in Medford is affordable, which is suitable for both homeowners and renters. According to neighborhood scouts, Oregon’s average home value is $340,027 as a state with more than two-thirds of the homes having a value of between $130,954 and $523,432. On a city basis Comparison, the home value in Medford goes at $283,699 while in Portland it goes at $464,496 which is a clear indication that the cost of living is low in Medford and the prices are affordable. Comparing Medford and Portland, the overall index cost of living in Medford is 34.6% less with a median home cost being 58% less expensive, transportation being 67.5% less expensive and other miscellaneous expenditures falling at 14.8% less expensive. This makes life more comfortable and less costly for the residents of Medford. 300w, 768w, 250w" sizes="(max-width: 820px) 100vw, 820px" src="">

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