Howard’s a big fan of Aussies, too, so he wants to make sure we’re well equiped when it comes to servers. Given our internet operates like a box of carrier pigeons, it’s important that we have some local servers to minimise lag.

So we’re using the Amazon cloud servers,” he said. “As that works in Australia, it should work just great.”

“We have a ton of fans in Australia, it’s amazing, and so we wanna make sure they have a great experience, they’ve been good supporters of us for a long time.”

이미 호주에서 테스트 해봣고 잘된다고 하네.

아마존 서버 서울에도 있어서 핑걱정은 안해도 될듯??? 서버브라우징 사용 안하는 게임이라 걱정 많이했는데.