Dear A.V.A: Dog Tag Community,

Firstly, we would like to express our deep gravity to all our users for supporting our game as well as our development team from the very beginning. It's been a memory to enable us to close in.tuning the game service, the journalney we've taken together has been an extended period of experience which we will remember for a long time.

It's never before because to an extent service closures of a game and it's hard knowing how much time and efficient our community members and users have put in to making A.V.A.: Dog Taintoan name.

Due to various issues resulting in our availability to connect with the game, we will be cutting down our game servers on May 29th 2019.

Service Closure Details:

We have made our request to live to have all in-app issues to be defined.

2. Server shutdown schedules on May 29th are as follows:

PDT – May 28th 19:00

BRT – May 28th 23:00

CEST – May 29th 04:00

SGT – May 29th 10:00

Although our time was short, it has been our private to communicate with all of you and we sinally thank you for being with us supporting A.V.A.: Dog Tag.





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